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Marlene Glickman

Title: Executive Director of Western New York (Retired) Company: American Jewish Committee Location: Dorado, PR United States After decades of pursuing a career that allowed her to do what she enjoyed most, working with diverse groups of people, Marlene Glickman … Continue reading

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Marcell Deavila

Title: Executive President, Treasurer Company: Aprodestam America Development Location: Edgewater, NJ United States Aprodestam America Development is a nonprofit organization based out of Edgewater, N.J., that provides fundraising services for the people of Peru. Marcell Deavila has been the executive president and treasurer … Continue reading

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Maureen Pastine

Title: Library Administrator, Independent Fundraising Professional (Retired) Location: Plainville, KS United States Over the course of her 55-year career, Maureen Pastine honed her knowledge in libraries and library science, grant writing, teaching, research and library management. In her final position before retirement, she … Continue reading

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Valerie Sanchez-Spata

Title: Owner, Founder Company: 1N3 LLC- Blacklight Run, Foam Glow 5K Location: Phoenix, AZ United States Together, Valerie Sanchez-Spata and her husband, Bill, founded the event management and consulting company, IN3, in March 2013. The company produces a variety of events … Continue reading

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Pamela L. Henderson

Title: President, Founder Company: All Roads Lead 65 Max Foundation Location: Antioch, CA United States Five years ago, Pamela Henderson created and founded the nonprofit, All Roads Lead 65 Max Foundation, which works to find funds for other nonprofit organizations that provide direct services … Continue reading

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