Rebecca Sibaja

SibajaTitle: Owner
Company: Borealis Language Academy
Location: Charlotte, NC United States

Fueled by her passion for language, Rebecca Sibaja has served as the owner of the Borealis Language Academy for more than six years. As the daughter of two immigrants from Costa Rica, Ms. Sibaja’s desire to help those who need to learn English as a second language is a cause close to her heart. Her school, the Borealis Language Academy, focuses on teaching English as a second language to adults, and helps with translation from Spanish, Russian, and Arabic. The school’s small class size and private tutoring services contribute to its success. There are currently three locations for the academy; two are in Charlotte, N.C., and the other is in Monroe, N.C. Ms. Sibaja is proud to say she can teach a non-English speaker how to speak English in 40 hours.

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Jamalyn Zore

ZoreTitle: 1) BMEU Manager 2) Assistant
Company: 1) USPS 2) Zore’s Inc.
Location: Brownsburg, IN United States

Jamalyn Zore brings more than two decades of experience to her position with the USPS. As the BMEU manager, she oversees the Greater Indiana District commercial mailers and assists the entire Greater Indiana District with training, opportunities, new systems, promotions, and Postal Customer Council meetings. Ms. Zore is very proud of her ability to successfully undergo 12 audits in one year. She considers her greatest strengths to be her leadership skills and her ability to make things happen, as well as her organizational skills and determination.

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Diane O’Dette Cohen

One of Ms. O'Dette Cohen's inventions, the Pillow Pocket Pal

One of Ms. O’Dette Cohen’s inventions, the Pillow Pocket Pal

Title: Owner, Inventor
Company: DBCoverzzz
Location: Bedford, MA United States

Diane O’Dette Cohen is the owner and inventor behind DBCoverzzz, which creates products that make peoples’ lives easier. Her two best-selling products are MypetDBC, the removable pet bed cover and the Pillow Pocket Pal, which is a pillowcase with an attached pocket that can hold important items like flashlights, kindles, iPods, remotes etc. She is responsible for getting word out to the public about the products, selling and shipping the products on the website and at craft fairs and working with marketing websites to promote the products.

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Dr. Ilona Anderson

Title: Brand Partner
Company: Nerium International
Location: Bronx, NY United States

With four decades of experience in interpersonal, intercultural and nonverbal communications and higher education, Ilona Anderson was looking for an alternative way of making a living when she came across Nerium International. She thought the company, which provides anti-aging and firming creams and other skin care products, would be the perfect fit for her, and she was right. For the past two years, she has thrived as a brand partner with the skin care and cosmetics company.

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Tammy Webb

webb-tammyTitle: Associate Professor of Psychology, Curriculum Director for Social Sciences
Company: Social Science, Business and Education Department, Goodwin College
Location: East Hartford, CT United States

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Donita M. King

king-donitaTitle: Attorney, Arbitrator, Certified Mediator
Company: Donita M. King, Esq.
Location: Mechanicsville, VA United States

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Rev. Tina Frazier, CHT

Title: Owner
Company: Tina’s Natural Products
Location: Pipersville, PA United States

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