Rebecca Sibaja

SibajaTitle: Owner
Company: Borealis Language Academy
Location: Charlotte, NC United States

Fueled by her passion for language, Rebecca Sibaja has served as the owner of the Borealis Language Academy for more than six years. As the daughter of two immigrants from Costa Rica, Ms. Sibaja’s desire to help those who need to learn English as a second language is a cause close to her heart. Her school, the Borealis Language Academy, focuses on teaching English as a second language to adults, and helps with translation from Spanish, Russian, and Arabic. The school’s small class size and private tutoring services contribute to its success. There are currently three locations for the academy; two are in Charlotte, N.C., and the other is in Monroe, N.C. Ms. Sibaja is proud to say she can teach a non-English speaker how to speak English in 40 hours.

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Jamalyn Zore

ZoreTitle: 1) BMEU Manager 2) Assistant
Company: 1) USPS 2) Zore’s Inc.
Location: Brownsburg, IN United States

Jamalyn Zore brings more than two decades of experience to her position with the USPS. As the BMEU manager, she oversees the Greater Indiana District commercial mailers and assists the entire Greater Indiana District with training, opportunities, new systems, promotions, and Postal Customer Council meetings. Ms. Zore is very proud of her ability to successfully undergo 12 audits in one year. She considers her greatest strengths to be her leadership skills and her ability to make things happen, as well as her organizational skills and determination.

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Ann M. Card

Title: Business Manager
Company: Nagel Electric
Location: Trumbell, CT United States

Ann Card grew up surrounded by a diverse group of people. Her family was always focused on helping others, and her parents fostered over 100 children over the years. Following her parents’ example, she was always doing her part to help, and now, she continues to do her part to make a difference in the lives of others.

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Wendy Buckley

Buckley, WendyTitle: Founder, President
Company: Specialty Transportation and Regulatory Services
Location: Bensalem, PA United States

While Wendy Buckley was in college, she made the decision to volunteer at a local fire department. This decision set a number of events in motion and has since changed the course of her life. She spent 10 years with the fire department, where she discovered her passion for the hazardous materials field. Ms. Buckley originally started out as a firefighter, but eventually moved to the hazardous materials response team. In addition, she also worked for both the Federal Railroad Administration and the New Jersey State Department of Transportation as the hazardous materials safety inspector. She then moved on to become an investigator with the Office of Inspector General at Amtrak and a hazmat instructor and auditor. In 2011, she founded her own hazardous waste management and material transportation service called Specialty Transportation and Regulatory Services.

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Elyse Marks

Title: Founder, President
Company: EMIT Associates
Location: New Rochelle, NY United States

Elyse Marks has nearly 30 years of background experience in information technology and business consulting strategy and facilitation. In 2013, after holding a variety of leadership and management positions, including store systems manager and vice president of information technology, she founded EMIT Associates, an advisory group catering to the technical and employee developmental needs of small to mid-sized organizations. Through her company, she focuses on growing businesses through the integration of team training, software and system evaluations and implementations and team collaboration.

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Lisa Gandy-Holton

Gandy-Holton, LisaTitle: Owner, Chief Executive Officer
Company: Working Media Group
Location: Alpharetta, GA United States

With more than 15 years of experience in media and marketing, Lisa Gandy-Holton co-founded Working Media Group, a full-service media planning and buying service agency that provides marketing and media buying services to clients, in 2010. They specialize in negotiating rates in all mediums, including print, broadcast, internet, social media, sporting sponsorships and celebrity endorsements. Ms. Gandy-Holton is responsible for working with clients from all around the world to implement their marketing strategies and executing the advertising buys. As the chief executive officer, her main goal is to ensure that the strategies she is executing are optimized to fit the clients’ needs and help them grow.

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Josee Dessureault

Dessureault, JoseeTitle: Quality Control Manager
Company: Alco-TMI Inc.
Location: Saguenay, QC Canada

When she was 30 years old, Josee Dessureault decided she needed a career change, so she went back to school to learn to become a welder. She studied for three months at Airbus in Toulouse, and then began studying to become a welding quality inspector. Now with more than 15 years in construction management and nine years in her current position with Alco-TMI Inc., she hopes to continue experiencing both personal and professional growth.

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