Rebecca Sibaja

SibajaTitle: Owner
Company: Borealis Language Academy
Location: Charlotte, NC United States

Fueled by her passion for language, Rebecca Sibaja has served as the owner of the Borealis Language Academy for more than six years. As the daughter of two immigrants from Costa Rica, Ms. Sibaja’s desire to help those who need to learn English as a second language is a cause close to her heart. Her school, the Borealis Language Academy, focuses on teaching English as a second language to adults, and helps with translation from Spanish, Russian, and Arabic. The school’s small class size and private tutoring services contribute to its success. There are currently three locations for the academy; two are in Charlotte, N.C., and the other is in Monroe, N.C. Ms. Sibaja is proud to say she can teach a non-English speaker how to speak English in 40 hours.

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Jamalyn Zore

ZoreTitle: 1) BMEU Manager 2) Assistant
Company: 1) USPS 2) Zore’s Inc.
Location: Brownsburg, IN United States

Jamalyn Zore brings more than two decades of experience to her position with the USPS. As the BMEU manager, she oversees the Greater Indiana District commercial mailers and assists the entire Greater Indiana District with training, opportunities, new systems, promotions, and Postal Customer Council meetings. Ms. Zore is very proud of her ability to successfully undergo 12 audits in one year. She considers her greatest strengths to be her leadership skills and her ability to make things happen, as well as her organizational skills and determination.

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Anne Parneix

Title: Vice President, Therapeutic Area Head
Company: Novartis
Location: Basking Ridge, NJ United States

In pursuit of her passions, Anne Parneix earned an MD from Universite Paris-Est Creteil (UPEC), as well as board certification in dermatology. After deciding she wanted to find better ways to care for people, she decided to turn her attention to research instead of patient care. As a result, she is currently working with the pharmaceutical company, Novartis, where she is the vice president and therapeutics area head.

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Claudette A. Collier

collier-claudetteTitle: Senior Manager of Global Learning
Company: AbbVie Inc.
Location: Powers Lake, WI United States

Initially, Claudette Collier started her professional journey as a nursing student. She comes from a family with medical backgrounds, and she has learned the power of research from them firsthand. After a natural progression of opportunities, she eventually found herself working in the pharmaceutical industry. Ms. Collier is now using her experience as the senior manager of global learning for AbbVie Inc. The company is responsible for discovering, developing and marketing biopharmaceuticals and other drugs.

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Dr. Jenny C. McCloskey

mccloskey-jennyTitle: Sexual Health Physician, Venereologist
Company: Royal Perth Hospital
Location: Perth, WA Australia

After more than three decades of experience in health care, Dr. Jenny C. McCloskey is currently serving as a sexual health physician and venereologist, where she is responsible for researching and treating human papillomavirus (HPV). She became involved in her profession after realizing she had a knack for the industry. Over the years, she has become an expert in sexual health and the research and treatment of HPV in the genital tract.

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Barbara Blackett

blackett-barbaraTitle: Lead Consultant
Company: Barbara Blackett Consulting
Location: Stoney Creek, ON Canada

Backed by nearly 30 years of experience in business consulting, Barbara Blackett is currently serving as the lead consultant for Barbara Blackett Consulting. The company provides business consulting services and information technology, including search engine optimization, social media, mobile marketing and website design and development, as well as accounting and financial solutions. As lead consultant, she is responsible for performing website design and development and configuring and implementing sophisticated corporate technology solutions. She also collects complete financial information for large corporations, including all year-end files and monthly bookkeeping.

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Diana M. Young

Title: Proprietor
Company: Calming Kids
Location: Carine, WA Australia

Diana Young is the proprietor of Calming Kids, an occupational therapy business that provides products that aid in treating children with sensory disorders. These products include weighted blankets, vests and wrist cuffs, lap bags, heat bags, specialized seating and cushions and other tactile defense products.

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