Marcell Deavila

Title: Executive President, Treasurer
Company: Aprodestam America Development
Location: Edgewater, NJ United States

Aprodestam America Development is a nonprofit organization based out of Edgewater, N.J., that provides fundraising services for the people of Peru. Marcell Deavila has been the executive president and treasurer of the nonprofit for the past four years, and in this capacity, is responsible for fundraising and coordinating all national and international business events.

In addition to the work she does with Aprodestam America Development, Ms. Deavila is also the executive president, treasurer and chief executive officer of Liaseone International Inc. Through this company, she sells Urea (fertilizer) and oil, and maintains a connection with the Saudi Arabian royal family. Ms. Deavila is currently conducting research and is close to closing her first deal for Urea.

As a woman in today’s world, Ms. Deavila attributes her many years of success to her ability to find people that want to help others. She also loves helping young people further their educations. An expert in fundraising and sustainable development., Ms. Deavila holds a masters’ degrees in bilingual education and chemistry, and is a retired chemistry, biology, earth science and environmental science teacher. She taught in the United States for almost four decades.

Outside of her very busy work schedule, Ms. Deavila enjoys a number of hobbies, including taking continued education science classes, reading, dancing and traveling to Punta Cana.

Contact Marcell Deavila:

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