Valerie Sanchez-Spata

Title: Owner, Founder
Company: 1N3 LLC- Blacklight Run, Foam Glow 5K
Location: Phoenix, AZ United States

Together, Valerie Sanchez-Spata and her husband, Bill, founded the event management and consulting company, IN3, in March 2013. The company produces a variety of events across the United States, including a Blacklight Run and Foam Glow 5K. Each of the company’s events help supports children’s hospitals or childhood cancer awareness and research. The two came up with the idea for IN3 when their oldest daughter was misdiagnosed with leukemia when she was four years old. Upon moving to Arizona, the Phoenix Children’s Hospital realized that she actually had an autoimmune disorder, and that she would eventually grow out of it. Since that day, the Sanchez-Spata family has volunteered with the children’s hospital with the hopes that they would eventually be able to create a company through which they could continue to donate to the hospital, similar charities and help other families in need.

Ms. Sanchez-Spata’s extensive corporate management experience, in addition to her event planning experience, made her essential in the formation of IN3. Although she claims to be the heart to her husband’s brains in the organization, she notes that their family’s passion to helping others has also been instrumental in helping the company grow and thrive. Over the past three years, IN3 has created a number of events, including a trick-or-treat scavenger hunt at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Phoenix Children’s Hospital Ignite Hope Walk and the Blacklight Run and Foam Glow 5K, to help benefit children’s hospitals, childhood cancer research and a number of other charitable organizations.

The greatest challenge Ms. Sanchez-Spata has had to overcome is balancing her compassionate and sensitive side with being a strong and assertive business woman. However, she does see her compassion and her sensitivity as being among her strengths. She loves being able to give back to a community that has done so much for her, as well as help those who cannot necessarily help themselves. Her dedication to helping others earned her the Unity Award for Mothers Making a Difference – Phoenix. She also loves being a leader and role model to others, and wants to be remembered for being a selfless, caring and giving leader.

Contact Valerie Sanchez-Spata:

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