Rinna B. Flohr

Rinna FlohrTitle: Director
Company: Expressions Gallery
Location: Berkley, CA United States

After working in the mental health field for 38 years, Ms. Rinna Flohr decided she needed a change of pace—and in 1991, she decided to re-enter the world of the arts. She went back to school and received the title of interior architect and designer. She has been the director of Expressions Gallery for more than a decade now, and has helped turn it into a nonprofit organization focused on philanthropy opportunities in the artistic community by doing things like providing artistic supplies to the homeless and hosting a gallery show to sell some of the pieces. Expressions Gallery prides itself in bringing a global awareness through art, by, for example, putting on shows displaying artwork that represent hot topic issues in today’s world.

Currently, Ms. Flohr is heavily occupied in designing and creating her floral art and jewelry, and showcasing her work at various galleries throughout California. She attributes her great success to following her passion and beliefs. In addition to her work in the arts sector, she is also a member of the National Association of Social Workers.

Contact Rinna Flohr:

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