Linda Meador

Title: 1) Realtor 2) Senior Consultant
Company: 1) Casa Oasis Realty 2) Mary Kay
Location: Hobbs, NM United States

Backed by more than two decades of professional experience, Linda Meador is thriving at both Casa Oasis Realty and Mary Kay. Throughout the years, she has been recognized for her extensive knowledge of the real estate and cosmetics industries. On a daily basis, she dedicates herself to her clients, whether they are looking for a new home or new skin care products to improve their well-being.

Ms. Meador was number one in sales in the Super National Area for Mary Kay Cosmetics. She supports children’s after school programs and a shelter for battered women. Ms. Meador is also a proud grandmother of 10. She attributes her success to her positive attitude, sincerity and ability to see the good in people. Looking forward, Ms. Meador intends to continue doing her best with the work that she loves.

Contact Linda Meador:

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