Marlene Glickman

Title: Executive Director of Western New York (Retired)
Company: American Jewish Committee
Location: Dorado, PR United States

After decades of pursuing a career that allowed her to do what she enjoyed most, working with diverse groups of people, Marlene Glickman retired from her role with the American Jewish Committee. As the executive director of the organization’s Western New York branch, Ms. Glickman was responsible for developing leadership, working within the community and with different religious groups and cultures, and raising funds. She attributes much of her success to caring about other people’s advice; she believes that it is important to learn as much as possible and to be open to change.

Over the years, Ms. Glickman achieved much in her field. She founded Interface Seder, a community of organizations that serves 13 major religions around the world, in 1981, and is the former president of the Network of Religious Communities. The former group is still operational, and the latter still employs Ms. Glickman’s services as a board member.

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