Marcia Goodman

Goodman, MarciaTitle: Medical Resident
Company: Knox Cardiology Practice
Location: East Hartford, CT United States

Marcia Goodman has wanted to help people for as long as she can remember. She worked hard to make her dreams a reality, and, a firm believer in the fact that no obstacle is too large to overcome, she succeeded. Dr. Goodman is currently thriving as a medical resident at Knox Cardiology Practice, where she is able to put her expert knowledge of cardiology and nursing to good use with her patients. Prior to this position, she garnered experience as a registered nurse for nearly 10 years and as a laboratory technician for the American Red Cross for 15 years. She also spent some time working for the Social Security Administration and Medicare.

In addition to her many years of experience in health care and its services, Dr. Goodman also excelled on the theater. She was the assistant director of “The Championship Season” on Broadway, and has worked with some of Broadway’s brightest stars. Further, Dr. Goodman has worked on the soap opera, “Another World,” and appeared in a production of “The Taming of the Shrew,” as well as managed a community theater.

When Dr. Goodman isn’t has free time, she enjoys being involved in her community. She is involved with prominent organizations like the supreme council of the Order of the Amaranth, Inc., and the American Diabetes Association, and supports the charitable missions of the Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem, the Order of the Eastern Star, the SPCA, and the National Wildlife Federation. Dr. Goodman also likes bowling, playing softball, practicing archery, sewing, and cooking.

Looking to the future, Dr. Goodman hopes to continue bettering the lives of others. One way she hopes to do that through changes to health insurance. She feels that one of the biggest problems facing her profession is the fact that patients are evaluated by insurance companies, not doctors, and are thus not getting the care they really need. Changing that would give her more control over how she treats her patients, ensuring improved results. As a testament to her hard work and passion, Dr. Goodman earned an honorary MD from Yale University, on top of the PhD she earned from the institution in 2006.

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