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Barbara Wilson Lang

Title: Chief Executive Officer Company: West Street Baptist Church Location: Oakland, CA United States An expert in business operations and financial management, Barbara Wilson Long is currently serving as the chief executive officer of the West Street Baptist Church in California. Here, she … Continue reading

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Wanda Bank-Boone

Title: Teacher Company: The New York City Department of Education Location: Wheatley Heights, NY United States Educated in the New York Public School System, Wanda Bank-Boone knows firsthand the great things the schools can do for the children. During college, she felt compelled … Continue reading

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Julie McRae

Title: District 504 and Health Services Coordinator Company: Adams 12 Five Star Schools Location: Brighton, CO United States Growing up in a dysfunctional home, Julie McRae realized early on that education was her ticket out. She excelled in school, and as a result, … Continue reading

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Eleanor Miles Couch

Title: Director of Business Development Company: Portfolio Resident Services Location: Dallas, Texas Drawing upon her outstanding management and client relationship abilities, Eleanor Miles Couch continues into her sixth year currently holding the position as director of business development at Portfolio … Continue reading

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