Julie McRae

McRae, JulieTitle: District 504 and Health Services Coordinator
Company: Adams 12 Five Star Schools
Location: Brighton, CO United States

Growing up in a dysfunctional home, Julie McRae realized early on that education was her ticket out. She excelled in school, and as a result, she was already a sophomore in college when her peers and classmates were just graduating high school. Dr. McRae’s journey hit a big bump when, at the age of 18, she was forced to drop out of college and became homeless. She worked two to three jobs to reclaim her independence, and after two years, she returned to college and completed a Bachelor of Science in sociology with a minor in psychology. Along the way, Dr. McRae also earned a master’s degree and a specialist degree in education, an Ed.S., and holds licensure in administration and as a special service provider in school counseling in Colorado.

Inspired by the people around her and her own experiences, Dr. McRae developed a passion for working with students who have social and emotional needs. She began her professional career as a status offender counselor working with juveniles, and due to the nature of her job, she was often in and out of schools. Based on her successfulness, Dr. McRae was recruited by one of the principals and offered a position teaching special students at risk. Now, after more than three decades in public education, she continues to be motivated by the desire to support students and their families in removing barriers in learning. Dr. McRae currently serves Adams 12 Five Star Schools, where she puts her energy into creatively seeking solutions to develop effective structures and find resources. She looks forward to bringing about new opportunities, and hopes to continue to educate children academically, socially and emotionally with regard to health and wellness, problem-solving, and getting along with others. Dr. McRae feels that persistence and being a lifelong learner has contributed to her longevity and success. She hopes to be remembered as someone who shared her optimism to inspire students and families and help them in a practical way.

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