Eleanor Miles Couch

10325213_10100847890672279_2108425725611836967_n-140x150Title: Director of Business Development

Company: Portfolio Resident Services

Location: Dallas, Texas

Drawing upon her outstanding management and client relationship abilities, Eleanor Miles Couch continues into her sixth year currently holding the position as director of business development at Portfolio Resident Services. For the past six years, she has lead the organization and its corporate administrators to success, while garnering a wealth of experience. Currently, Ms. Miles Couch’s professional goal is to bring the company services to LA and AL and bridge the gap, striving to have this done in nine months.

As a woman in today’s world, Ms. Miles Couch feels that identifying mentors in and out of nonprofit has contributed to her success. She is a problem solver and focuses on appeasing all parties involved. The advice she can share with the younger generation of women entering the workforce is “Figure out your talents and combine that with your passions.” Originally, Ms. Miles Couch chose this career path because she wanted to help moderate to lower income families.

Professionally, Ms. Miles Couch is inspired by the love and belief in the benefit of their mission and visions, and knowing she helped someone somewhere gets her through the difficult days. The one aspect of my working condition that she would like to change is for the general public to pay more attention to the needs in their community. She prepared for and began her career by obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in advertising management and sociology from Southern Methodist University. Ms. Miles Couch most want to be remembered as the one who sparked and inspired a positive change in other, getting everyone excited about the benefits that transpire.

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