Barbara Wilson Lang

Wilson Lang, BarbaraTitle: Chief Executive Officer
Company: West Street Baptist Church
Location: Oakland, CA United States

An expert in business operations and financial management, Barbara Wilson Long is currently serving as the chief executive officer of the West Street Baptist Church in California. Here, she puts more than four decades of experience to use by assisting people at the church and managing the taxes and finances for individual employees. In addition, she also performs missionary work for the church, visits individuals’ homes to teach the Bible, and works to advance the spiritual activities of the facility as a whole.

A recipient of a Bachelor of Arts in sociology and psychology from Jarvis Christian College, Ms. Wilson Lang attributes her success to her love for people. She is most proud of the work she has done for her church, as it allows her to combine both her passion for people with her love and commitment to her faith. This dedication has been recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award from Alameda Countra Costa. In addition, she has also assisted individuals with mental disabilities.

Looking to the future of her career path and her journey with her church and faith, Ms. Wilson Lang hopes to continue to set an example for the people she serves and encourage them to embrace their faith and spirituality. Her commitment to her spiritual community can be seen through not only her efforts as CEO, but also in her free time, where she can often be found attending different church services. When she is not working, Ms. Wilson Lang loves to spend time with her family. She is an avid supporter of the Special Olympics, as well.

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