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Nina Strachimirova

Title: Principal Company: Nina Strachi Architects Location: New York, NY United States Architecture is, to Nina Strachimirova, the professional art of creating an aesthetic and usable shelter that is both practical and inspirational to those who occupy it. Each project … Continue reading

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Theodora Boyadjis

Title: Principal Company: Theodora Boyadjis Designs, LLC Location: Jersey City, NJ United States        

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Debbie Ojeda-Pena

Title: Realtor Company: Tholco Real Estate Group Location: Bakersfield, Calif. As a child, Debbie Ojeda-Pena was interested in architecture, which led her to eventually pursue a career in real estate. Now celebrating 25 years of field experience – and 10 years working as a … Continue reading

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Sylvia Kwan

Title: Chairwoman Company: Kwan Henmi Architecture/Planning, Inc. Location: San Francisco, Calif. Sylvia Kwan founded Kwan Henmi Architecture/Planning, Inc. in 1980 with a commitment to the success of her clients and the realization of their design objectives. Her balance of architectural … Continue reading

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Joelle Bentley

Title: Realtor Company: William Pitt Real Estate LLC Location: Stamford, Conn. For the past five years, Joelle Bentley has been a realtor at William Pitt Real Estate LLC, have 18 extensive years to build up her seasoned realty acumen. She … Continue reading

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