Nina Strachimirova

Strachimirova, NinaTitle: Principal
Company: Nina Strachi Architects
Location: New York, NY United States

Architecture is, to Nina Strachimirova, the professional art of creating an aesthetic and usable shelter that is both practical and inspirational to those who occupy it. Each project is unique, so, as an architect, she needed to acquire a remarkable range of skills and learn the craft of producing solutions that satisfy the needs of the client, the structure, and the site. Ms. Strachimirova was born, raised and educated in Europe, and the richness of the traditional architecture of the Renaissance and the secession style in her native country, along with her visits to places like Rome and Athens, helped her develop her knowledge of classical architecture. Additionally, she was accepted into architecture school in Bulgaria, where she studied traditional and classical architecture.

Ms. Strachimirova spent 13 years working in Europe before moving to New York in 1990. She earned a license here in the U.S. in 1994, and is now the principal of Nina Strachi Architects. Ms. Strachimirova is way more than just a figurehead, however. Armed with more than 35 years of professional experience in all aspects of design and project management, she specializes in classical residential architecture with a particular emphasis on traditional design and craftsmanship. In her role with the company, she works closely with clients, and studies them to figure out the image they have in their heads. Her greatest strength is her ability to listen to clients and give them the best possible project based on aesthetics and budget.

The biggest challenge Ms. Strachimirova faced was finding clients, since she runs a smaller company. She has become very well-respected in the industry, however, and is now frequently called for consultations on big projects. Looking to the future, Ms. Strachimirova would like to take on big and challenging projects, collaborate with other people, and get into teaching. Inspired by her passion for architecture and her desire to create and bring beauty into the world, she intends to work until her last breath.

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