Joelle Bentley

11995d4d387947ed8817f21f4982d322Title: Realtor

Company: William Pitt Real Estate LLC

Location: Stamford, Conn.

For the past five years, Joelle Bentley has been a realtor at William Pitt Real Estate LLC, have 18 extensive years to build up her seasoned realty acumen. She specializes in luxury and antique properties, bringing a rich and varied background to the real estate industry. She was trained as an art historian and is a summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa graduate of New York University with graduate studies at NYU’s noted Institute of Fine Art. Encompassing a discerning eye of the art historian to her appreciation of residential architecture and landscaping-making, Ms. Bentley is a perfect match for the Sotheby’s brand.

Ms. Bentley was featured in the Real Estate section in the New York Times, as well as when she sold a Swiss style chalet in Stamford, which resulted in a fabulous feature story in the New York Times. She attributes her success to her knowledge of the market, hard work, creativity, imagination and strong negotiation skills. Ms. Bentley went into real estate because she wanted to pass on the satisfaction she has had as a homeowner.

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