Ruth Hoffart

Title: Librarian, Manager (Retired)
Company: Royal Canadia Mounted Police Academy
Location: Regina, SK Canada

For nearly 30 years, Ruth Hoffart served as a librarian and manger at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Academy. She has since retired, but her work has helped turn the Academy’s library into a fully-automated resource trainer for the cadets to use. Her days began at 7 a.m. and she spent them directing others and training them about the many aspects of law enforcement. She was also responsible for implementing organization management.

With 48 years in the law enforcement industry, Ms. Hoffart became involved in her profession because she had a strong desire to help others. She attributes her many years of success to her selflessness and ability to work well with others, as well as her love for sharing her knowledge and information. Her dedication to her position at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Academy even resulted in being awarded a Long Service Medal.

Ms. Hoffart is looking forward to continuing to enjoy retirement and being active. She enjoys staying physically fit and exercising at Curves. She is also a Sunday school teacher at her local church, and is a member of the Ruder football team, Beta Sigma Phi and the Salvation Army. Ms. Hoffart is excited to have the opportunity to travel more, as well.

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