Susan Panetta

Panetta, SusanTitle: Owner
Company: Panetta Photography
Location: Petaluma, CA United States

Although Susan Panetta spent the first 15 years of her career as a school teacher, she continued to hold a special interest in photography ever since being introduced to it through a college class. As a result, during and after her time as a teacher, she worked to hone her skills by capturing images of her children and pets. During this time, she was inspired to turn her hobby into a career, and so, Panetta Photography was born.

For over a decade now, Ms. Panetta has been the owner and photographer for her business, Panetta Photography, where she provides a variety of photography services, including horse photography, wall portraits and coffee table books. She considers herself to be an expert in fine art portraits of people and their pets because she is able to accurately capture the bond between animals and people. In addition, she prides herself on also being able to intuitively capture horses in motion. As the company’s owner, she is responsible for handling the marketing and branding, managing digital art and meeting with a monthly creative photography group. She must also create, design and frame both the wall portraits and the coffee table books.

Ms. Panetta is a member of the Professional Photographers of San Diego County, Women in Creative Photography and the Rancho Santa Fe Business and Professional Women’s Association. She attributes her success to her love of learning and her ability to never give up. For her, photography isn’t just about taking captivating photographs; it’s about capturing the special bond between people and animals or the quiet beauty of an animal. Looking forward to the coming years, Ms. Panetta hopes to run her own gallery and storefront, as well as sell her work as recognized art.

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