Judy T. Jordan

Jordan, JudyTitle: Director of Operations
Company: Greater Twin Cities United Way
Location: Lakeville, MN United States

After starting her career in a legal information company in the for-profit sector, Judy T. Jordan decided that she wanted to be part of something bigger, with a broader impact on her community. Thus, she moved into nonprofit work, and has spent the past five years serving as the director of operations at the Greater Twin Cities United Way. Ms. Jordan’s responsibilities have come to include planning and leading the execution of fundraising and grant management operations, collaborating with senior leadership on the creation of annual and long-term support strategies, and reviewing critical operational processes to drive redesign. She is particularly proud of the team she has created. Ms. Jordan considers herself to be a fine individual contributor, but finds that she is most inspired by those she works with. When she has a team, she can guide and support them to succeed.

Looking to the future, Ms. Jordan wants to continue to expand the role of operations throughout the organization by using the company’s systems to create automation to expand their support. She hopes to elevate the view of her team members so that people understand that ‘operations’ is a mindset. Ms. Jordan’s ability to see things through a variety of perspectives will be an asset in this endeavor, as it allows her to emphasize with others and create effective solutions to problems. Using the experience she garners, she would also like to become a COO someday.

Ms. Jordan prepared for her career by earning a JD and a master’s degree in leadership, as well as becoming certified in ITIL. She considers her greatest achievement thus far to be creating an ITIL team from the ground up after earning that certification, as it required her to spend a lot of time marketing her vision to upper management and explaining the uses of such a team. Her ability to build and maintain relationships with people served her well.

When Ms. Jordan isn’t working, she enjoys going to baseball games, watching sports, and baking. She is also a member of The International Women’s Leadership Association.

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