Angie Miyashiro

Miyashiro, AngieTitle: Teacher
Company: Hawaii Department of Education
Location: Volcano, HI United States

In the eyes of Angie Miyashiro, teaching is more than a career; it’s a passion. She’s been living out her childhood dream for the past 11 years now through her work with the Hawaii Department of Education. Driven by her love for health and her aptitude for athletics, Dr. Miyashiro currently serves as a physical education teacher at Ka’u High School, located in a rural area of the Big Island, Hawaii. She is also the head coach for track and cross-country, and is one of the senior advisers for graduation. Dr. Miyashiro devotes much of her free time to watching and supporting the kids at their games. She also buys lots of equipment, as many of her students don’t have much. Dr. Miyashiro hopes to be remembered for her love of health, fitness, and education.

Coming from a small town, Dr. Miyashiro has always liked to compete, and was known as the little girl who could outrun the boys. She takes on every task at full force, and is known as passionate and determined, as well as friendly and easygoing. Dr. Miyashiro considers her greatest accomplishment to be making the All-American track and field team at Mesa Community College in Arizona and winning her events at the USA Masters Outdoor Track and Field Nationals. She has also held many age-group race records from the 10K to the marathon, and still maintains records at the W50 Kona Marathon and the W55 Kona Half Marathon.

To prepare for her professional endeavors, Dr. Miyashiro earned a doctorate in sports education from the University of Phoenix and a master’s degree in education and exercise science from Arizona State University. She is also working towards a specialist degree in technology in education to enhance her capabilities, and stays up-to-date through her affiliations with the National Education Association and the Hawaii State Teacher’s Association.

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