Donna Hall Mitchell

hall-mitchell-donnaTitle: Founder

Company: Mitchell and Associates, LLC

Location: Fairfield, Ala.

Donna Hall Mitchell’s parents were her main inspiration to pursue a career in education as they were both teachers, professionally. For the past three y ears, she has served as founder of Mitchell and Associates, LLC., a nonprofit educational management firm that helps parents with children with special needs get through issues dealing with schools and the school district. She will accompany them to court and act as their mediator. Garnering 36 years in the educational profession, Dr. Mitchell taught special education for 22 years within that time.

Initially, Dr. Mitchell began her career pursuits by earning a Bachelor of Science and a master’s degree in special education. She is also certified with health impaired education, obtained a Doctorate in educational leadership, developing the ability throughout her professional time-line to bring people together peacefully. Dr. Mitchell’s greatest accomplishment was turning a failing school around to be academically sound; she was the principal of the Inglenook K-8 School for thirteen years.

Looking toward her future pursuits, Dr. Mitchell wants to be elected to congressional District 4 for education. She feels she could more from a political point for education, and is concerned with the lack of funding and she wants to help education get financially sound. Within her professional time-line, Dr. Mitchell has been awarded Principal of the Year, Outstanding Service Award for Bethlehem Baptist Church, and Dynamic Women of Courage and Vision.

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