Jean M. Rader, JD, M.Ed., BS

0fa3fdeTitle: 1) Lead Counsel and Analyst, Senior Attorney 2) Attorney, Chief Executive Officer

Company: 1) Law Office of Jean M. Rader 2) Legal and Educational Consultants

Location: Houston, Texas

Since 1990, Jean M. Rader has proudly been a strong player within the legal arena. Starting out at a prestigious worldwide insurance company as senior litigation attorney, she began building seasoned experience in oil and gas and commercial business law. In 1993, she shifted gears upon becoming attorney and chief executive officer of Legal and Educational Consultants, building greater experience practicing civil and criminal law, as well as serving in appellate court. As Ms. Rader continues in her 22nd year at the consultancy, she supports their clients by providing pro-bono cases, family law, including domestic and divorce legal services, trial law, and educational administration.

Outside of her position at Legal and Educational Consultants, Ms. Rader pursues her own entrepreneurial endeavors as senior attorney and lead counsel and analyst. Under the Law Office of Jean M. Rader, she has been assigned by the Honorable David Hittner, as well as confirmed by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Through her insatiable search for knowledge and continual self-improvement, Ms. Rader believes it is her excellent work ethic, wonderful upbringing and extensive field and educational background that have kept her successful as an entrepreneur, attorney, and chief executive officer.

Ms. Rader has obtained a Doctor of Law from South Texas College of Law in civil and appellate practice, and is currently attending classes at Stanford University involving legal research and advanced professional studies. Her educational pursuits began while receiving a Bachelor of Science in psychology, sociology, and music, following up at the same institution, Houston Baptist University, with a Master of Education in administration, graduating with Summa Cum Laude. Aside from her recent education from Stanford University, Ms. Rader continues to keep abreast of changes in her field through her memberships with the Texas Bar Association, numerous continuing legal education courses and seminars, and lastly, membership with the D.C. Bar Court of Appeals.

Prior to her career in law, Ms. Rader began professionally as a high school teacher, providing education in psychology, sociology and world history. She wanted to advance within the educational system to a more administrative role, but was told that she was too young. Upon a close friend suggesting that she would make a wonderful lawyer and never looked back. Ms. Rader keeps herself grounded with a variety of hobbies, such as professional musicianship (guitar, both electric and acoustic) and her endeavors to one day conquer a marathon.


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