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Jane Hillhouse

Title: Founder Company: Final Footprint Location: El Granada, CA United States Following a passion for the environment and the funeral industry, Jane Hillhouse founded Final Footprint, which is dedicated to helping its clients with end of life decisions and making a … Continue reading

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Sadia Aiwinnilomo

Title: Office Manager Company: SolarCity Location: Rocky Hill, CT United States Determined to be involved with a company that gives back to both individuals and the environment, Sadia Aiwinnilomo decided to join SolarCity, a full-service solar power system provider. The goal of the … Continue reading

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Melinda Laituri, Ph.D.

Title: Professor Company: Colorado State University Location: Fort Collins, CO United States A geographer by trade, Melinda Laituri has served as a professor in the ecosystem and sustainability department of Colorado State University for four years. She chose her career … Continue reading

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