Sadia Aiwinnilomo

Title: Office Manager
Company: SolarCity
Location: Rocky Hill, CT United States

Determined to be involved with a company that gives back to both individuals and the environment, Sadia Aiwinnilomo decided to join SolarCity, a full-service solar power system provider. The goal of the company is to help the residents of Connecticut transition to solar power, which saves people thousands of dollars and reduces dependence on fossil fuels. Ms. Aiwinnilomo is proud of her position as an office manager, as she attained the role in a short amount of time and is afforded the opportunity to assist others using her strong communication skills. She is inspired by the people she works with, and enjoys the atmosphere in the organization.

Looking forward, Ms. Aiwinnilomo intends to stay on with SolarCity, and eventually become a regional manager on the east coast. She also hopes to change the time frame it takes to get systems installed and running. It currently takes about six months, but Ms. Aiwinnilomo wants to see it done sooner. She would like to be remembered as someone everyone enjoyed working with, and for her great attitude and knowledge of the company. When she isn’t working, Ms. Awinnilomo enjoys shopping and reading motivational books. Furthermore, she participates with Women Empowerment, is a member of The International Women’s Leadership Association, and supports Habitat for Humanity and the local chamber of commerce.

Contact Sadia Aiwinnilomo:

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