Gail Neustadt

Title: Author
Location: Presto, PA United States

Under a nom de plume, Dylan Weiss, Gail Neustadt has taken decades of personal and professional experiences and turned them into stories to help others learn and grow. Her newest story, “Sebastian’s Tale,” is an allegorical fantasy correlating the disintegration of a brain ravaged by Alzheimer’s disease with the disintegration of Earth’s environment ravaged by pollution. The book, the second of her “Skunk Tales Trilogy,” was inspired by her late husband’s struggle with early onset Alzheimer’s disease and her efforts on her local Parks and Recreations boards. Ms. Neustadt’s goal is to encourage people to make a differnce. The trilogy is published by Red Engine Press.

Prior to her most recent literary work, Ms. Neustadt garnered more than 35 years of experience as a speech-language pathologist. She specialized in progressive geriatric communication disorders and nursing home administration, and, influenced by her mother’s fight with Parkinson’s disease, her efforts resulted in the development of an innovative therapeutic approach culminating in the Aspen publication of “Reimbursable Geriatric Service Delivery, A Functional Maintenance Therapy System.” This became a bestseller in her profession. Over the course of her career, she also sat on several community, professional and editorial boards, and authored the the award-winning article, “Sharing the Load,” which was published by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

In recognition of her achievements, Ms. Neustadt was featured as a Wise Women of South Hills- E-Journal, won the Literacy Award from the Society of National Association of Publishers, and was invited by Michelle Bourgeois to speak at the Ohio State University on behalf of the Speech and Science Department. She also received national recognition from ASHA for her work with the government in the development of the quality and payment system currently used in long-term care. She attributes her success and longevity to her determination, communication, and organization, as well as to her parents, who were incredible and inspirational.

Looking to the future, Ms. Neustadt intends to finish and release the third book in her trilogy.

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