Jeannie C. Hathaway

Title: Owner
Company: Deadline Data
Location: Fallbrook, CA United States

For more than two decades, Jeannie Hathaway, the owner of Deadline Data, has specialized in working with small entrepreneurs whose businesses have grown too quickly to keep up with customer demands. Her company’s aim is to help proprietors, entrepreneurs, and small business owners become successful by allowing them to focus on core business activities rather than support functions that consume valuable time. Throughout Ms. Hathaway’s work week, she operates as an independent contractor and handles various responsibilities for each client, including payroll, accounts payable and receivable, event calendars, and applications. The slogan of her company is ‘Never miss a deadline with Deadline Data.’

Ms. Hathaway attributes her success to her determination, hard work, and willingness to learn and adapt. She became involved in her profession after graduating from high school at age 18 and entering the workforce. During her free-time, Ms. Hathaway volunteers through her local church and art center, and supports the American Cancer Society.

Contact Jeannie C. Hathaway:

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