Debra Patton

Title: Practice Manager, Administrator
Company: Fort Worth Perinatal Associates, PA
Location: Burleson, TX United States

Renowned for her health care prowess, Debra Patton parlays more than three decades of experience into her role as a practice manager and administrator for Fort Worth Perinatal Associates, PA. She started in her field as a candy striper at just 15 years old, and has continued to grow ever since. Over the course of her career, Ms. Patton has started three medical practices and opened 2 satellite offices. Further, she started one of the two medical societies in Alaska in 1999, and garnered experience teaching EMS classes. To prepare for her endeavors, Ms. Patton went to school for business management and nursing.

The biggest challenge Ms. Patton has overcome professionally is dealing with 23 women and encouraging each one to aspire to be her greatest self. She attributes her success to her people management skills; she is a great motivator and facilitator, and loves to make things happen. Ms. Patton also credits networking, sharing information and being approachable for her achievements thus far. She believes her greatest accomplishment is building new practices and impacting the community.

Looking to the future, Ms. Patton hopes to retire someday, and would like to mentor and encourage individuals to grow. She also wants to raise wages for women. If Ms. Patton could offer some advice to the younger generations, it would be to always seek knowledge, and to never assume there is only one way to handle a situation. When she has spare time, she enjoys fishing, outdoor sports, boating, painting, and reading, as well as supporting the charitable missions of organizations like the MS Society, United Way, and March of Dimes.

Contact Debra Patton:

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