Dr. Jacquie Drake

drake-jacquieTitle: Owner
Company: Cool Leadership
Location: Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Renowned as an expert in her field, Dr. Jacquie Drake has dedicated her life to her work. She is currently the owner of Cool Leadership, a leadership community group that provides training programs, workshops and webinars to business schools and international organizations. Dr. Drake is also a visiting fellow and faculty member at Cranfield School of Management, a professor of communications and organizational behavior at Cyprus International Institute of Management, and a visiting lecturer at Mannheim Business School. Additionally, she co-founded and leads The Praxis Centre at Cranfield School of Management, which works to bring creativity and the arts into the business world.

To prepare for her career, Dr. Drake earned a Bachelor of Arts in economic history, an MBA, and a Ph.D. in management development. She has also trained in psychotherapy. She is particularly well-known for introducing psychotherapy and arts-based learning into the management development world. She has many years of experience, and over the years, has become an expert in people management, communication, synchronizing different perspectives, leadership, personal development, teamwork, creative and thinking outside the box. She has also written the curriculum for the Women’s Leadership Course in Malaysia, gone to Paris to train the executives at L’Oreal and visited Nanjing, China to coach and train.

Dr. Drake loves what she does; she loves meeting new people and making connections, and writing and producing modular for the internet. She wants to be remembered for bringing the arts and psychotherapy into the business world. She also hopes to focus more on female leadership, and find 50 women in top positions in companies for her First 50 initiative.

When Dr. Drake is not working, she enjoys poetry, painting and gardening. She is also a member of the University Women’s Club in London, England, and supports more than 20 humanitarian causes.

Contact Dr. Jacquie Drake:

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