Dr. Maria E. Bleszynski, FRCS (C) NCMP

blesyzinski-mariaTitle: Obstretrician, Gynecologist
Location: West Vancouver, BC Canada

Renowned for her efforts to further women’s health care, Maria Bleszynski has thrived in the private practice she’s headed since 1989. Located near the Surrey Memorial Hospital (SMH), where she continues to have privileges, Dr. Bleszynski prides herself on her knowledge of obstetrics and gynecology, menopause, menopausal, and premenopausal. She didn’t always intend to go down this path, however. Originally from Poland, Dr. Bleszynski’s dream as a girl was to teach chemistry. Her professor thought she was destined to give more, so she switched gears and decided to go into medicine. After a trip to Africa, she saw poor women in awful conditions and was inspired to pursue women’s health.

Dr. Bleszynski proceeded to return to Poland and studied medicine at Jagiellonski University, graduating in 1977. She then obtained a role at the university hospital in research and teaching in addition to her duties as a resident in the obstetrics and gynecology program. After Dr. Bleszynski immigrated to Canada in 1981, she spent eight years getting her diploma certified and completing an additional four years of residency training before she opened her private practice. She found she missed teaching and researching, however, so she was thrilled when SMH began to become more connected with the University of British Columbia. Since then, Dr. Bleszynski has had the pleasure of teaching and mentoring students and residents, in addition to the free clinics she offers to educate women on menopause. She was extremely honored to earn a certificate from the University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine recognizing her for her excellence in clinical teaching.

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