Michaela Seika

seika-michaelaTitle: Owner, Marketing Agent
Company: Seika Consulting
Location: München, Germany

Passionate and driven, Michaela Seika is thriving at the head of Seika Consulting, which provides reporting and application development in events and promotions, event management, and webinar and video marketing, among other services. She really enjoys networking with interesting people to create new ideas, making the job the perfect fit. In her position as the owner and marketing agent, Ms. Seika is responsible for overseeing overall operations, direct sales and new business development, working on business-to-business marketing projects, bringing various parties of IT companies together, acting as a lead generation resource, forging strategic partnerships, and handling digital advertising and marketing.

To prepare for her endeavors, Ms. Seika earned a Bachelor of Arts in international business through Sheffield Hallam University in 1989 and garnered hands-on experience through her role as a product database manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Looking forward, she intends to experience the continued growth and success of her career.

When Ms. Seika isn’t working, she is in charge of a street festival and enjoys leading a youth club and helping entrepreneurs in her local community. If she could offer some advice to the younger generations, it would be to follow their passions.

Contact Michaela Seika:

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