Lorraine Avery

avery-lorraineTitle: Senior Vice President, Director of Customer Service and Contact Center Operations
Company: Associated Banc-Corp
Location: Stevens Point, Wisc.

Dedicated and hardworking, Lorraine Avery has been serving Associated Banc-Corp for the past 18 years in the roles of senior vice president and director of customer service and contract center operations. Throughout her work-week, she is responsible for stepping across various business lines with key executives and business line leaders to examine internal and external ways to improve customer service, as well as for overseeing support in business banking, wealth and trust services and sales, mobile banking, and customer service delivery. Ms. Avery attributes her success to her personal passion for the service industry and for helping customers. She is also grateful for the many mentors she has had, the networks and organizations she has been a part of, and her community involvement.

In an article recently published by her company, Ms. Avery was described by the senior vice president of customer service and contact center operations as the “go-to person for both internal and external customer-relationship issues across all our lines of business,” and as someone who never turned away from taking on lesser or different duties. Ms. Avery learned her hard work ethic after starting her professional journey as a preteen doing door-to-door fundraising. Long before customer service and loyalty were industry buzzwords, Ms. Avery was a pioneer in diverse positions within the customer service field. Her empathy for others also enables her to work well with her coworkers. Her peers have stated that anyone who has had anything to do with Ms. Avery, personally or professionally, is all the richer for it.

“Lorraine is known for her professionalism and is respectful of others without fail and at every level,” said James Yee, Executive Vice President, Chief Information and Operations Officer, Associated Bank. “She always sees the best in people, believes in people and never doubts that good things will come with hard work and the right attitude.” As a testament to her success, she was honored with a number of accolades, including being named a Woman of Courage, Confidence & Character by the Girl Scouts of the Northwestern Great Lakes and the Woman of the Year by The International Women’s Leadership Association. Ms. Avery was also proud to be selected to speak at the SOCAP International 2016 Symposium at the National Hotel in Nashville, Tenn. Looking to the future, Ms. Avery hopes to move into a higher executive role and pursue more consulting opportunities.

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