Elena Shaw

shaw-elenaTitle: Human Resources Executive
Company: Worldwide HR Strategies, Inc.
Location: Los Angeles, CA United States

Backed by 20 years of experience in human resources, mergers and acquisitions, strategic business planning, and performance management, Elena Shaw has spent the past year as a human resource executive for Worldwide HR Strategies, Inc. In this capacity, she is responsible for planning and implementing key strategic initiatives.

Ms. Shaw is a licensed insurance broker-agent, and holds license in fire and casualty, accident and health and life insurance. She completed GE training, and has certification in Six Sigma, Lean Process, Change Acceleration Process, effective leadership skills and leadership engagement. She is also pursuing senior professional in human resources designation.

As a woman in today’s world, Ms. Shaw attributes her success to her strong mentors and her passion for the industry. Her many years of experience have turned her into an innovative HR leader, and resulted in an Ovations Award for High Performance. She is a member of SHRM, PIHRA, NHRA, the Women’s Forum, Hispanic, African-American, Asian Pacific Islanders’ Forums and Toastmasters International.

Ms. Shaw loves what she does, and she plans to continue working in the same venue.

Contact Elena Shaw:

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