Claudette A. Collier

collier-claudetteTitle: Senior Manager of Global Learning
Company: AbbVie Inc.
Location: Powers Lake, WI United States

Initially, Claudette Collier started her professional journey as a nursing student. She comes from a family with medical backgrounds, and she has learned the power of research from them firsthand. After a natural progression of opportunities, she eventually found herself working in the pharmaceutical industry. Ms. Collier is now using her experience as the senior manager of global learning for AbbVie Inc. The company is responsible for discovering, developing and marketing biopharmaceuticals and other drugs.

Ms. Collier has garnered nine years in her profession, almost half of which she has spent in her current position. She attributes her success to her many great mentors, as well as her perseverance and love and passion for her work. Ms. Collier considers her greatest strength to be managing a team of young professionals and being able to leave an impact on others. In fact, her most significant accomplishment to date was taking a company training program and moving it from a learning culture to a more holistic one.

Moving forward, Ms. Collier is looking forward to continuing her efforts and completing her work in her current position within the pharmaceutical industry. She then hopes to move into a role where she can make changes at different levels. She wants to be remembered for doing the right thing and making possibilities a reality.

Ms. Collier is a member of ATD, PMI and the eLearning Guild. In her free time, she enjoys traveling to see her children and grandchildren, and taking care of her mother and siblings.

Contact Claudette Collier:

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