Anne Parneix

Title: Vice President, Therapeutic Area Head
Company: Novartis
Location: Basking Ridge, NJ United States

In pursuit of her passions, Anne Parneix earned an MD from Universite Paris-Est Creteil (UPEC), as well as board certification in dermatology. After deciding she wanted to find better ways to care for people, she decided to turn her attention to research instead of patient care. As a result, she is currently working with the pharmaceutical company, Novartis, where she is the vice president and therapeutics area head.

With her many years in health care and pharmaceutics, Dr. Parneix has noted that her strengths lie in leadership, communication and knowledge of diseases of the skin. She would like to be remembered for making a difference in the way diseases of the skin are treated, and for working toward the development of a number of products. She is very proud of the ones that are actually on the market. Although she has found much success in her current position, she would like to see improvement in how quickly products are brought into the market by streamlining the process and moving things from trial to market in a timely fashion.

Moving forward, Dr. Parneix plans to continue to grow in her current position, and work with her team to bring better medications to patients and doctors.

Contact Anne Parneix:

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