Constance E.H. Polke

polkeconstanceTitle: Executive Director, Founder
Company: Collaborative Healthcare Urgency Group
Location: Geneva, IL United States

With 35 years of experience in health care, Constance Polke is the executive director and founder of the Collaborative Healthcare Urgency Group, a nonprofit emergency preparedness response and recovery organization for health care facilities. The group is active and involved in the mid-west region, providing a variety of evacuation facilities, facilities housing and emergency preparedness workshops. CHUG also provides 24/7/365 on-call responses to emergency situations, especially those requiring sheltering-in-place and the evacuation of patients and staff.

Ms. Polke is a self-proclaimed people person, whose strong sales and marketing skills and ability to overcome challenges have led to her many years of success. She is passionate about her work and the people she helps, and is looking forward to growing her business through the acquirement of donations and expanding the number of fundraisers and volunteers.

Ms. Polke participates with the Medical Reserve Corp, the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army’s Golden Diners. Her commitment to her community and helping others, has resulted in the American Red Cross Hero Award and the National Volunteer Award for the Medical Reserve.

Contact Constance Polke:

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