Dr. Anke Ott Young

young-anke-ottTitle: Director, Owner
Company: New England Center of Oncoplastic Surgery
Location: Garden City, NY United States

Motivated by her desire to help others, Anke Ott Young currently serves as the director and owner of the New England Center of Oncoplastic Surgery, where she provides plastic and reconstructive surgeries to cancer patients. Her greatest strengths are the reconstructive surgeries she provides to breast cancer patients.

Dr. Ott Young graduated magna cum laude from the University of Saarland in Homburg, Germany, where she received a doctorate in forensic psychiatry, as well as a medical degree. Always putting the needs of her patients first, she chose this career path because she wanted to help women feel good about themselves after recovering from their battles with breast cancer. She is constantly being inspired by the courage that her patients have; they have endured so much, and are still able to take care of their families. Her work has garnered her plenty of recognition and awards, including Best Plastic Surgeon, Patients’ Choice Award, a Compassionate Doctor Award and Compassionate Doctor Recognition.

When Dr. Ott Young isn’t working, she participates with Doctors Without Borders and Food for the Poor, and also hopes to mentor more young surgeons. Ultimately, she wants to be remembered for her compassion and kindness.

Contact Anke Ott Young:

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