Deb Walock

Title: Plant Manager
Company: Sealed Air Diversey Care
Location: Watertown, WI United States

After 20 years of experience in manufacturing, operations and supply chains, Deb Walock has become well-known as a change agent with a strong track record of achieving results through providing process improvements by analyzing and identifying gaps, bottlenecks and other opportunities. As the plant manager for Sealed Air Diversey Care, she is responsible for overseeing all plant operations, including safety, supply chain, facilities engineering, quality, continuous improvement and financials.

Ms. Walock prepared for this career by receiving a Bachelor of Science in industrial engineering, an MBA in management, and certification as a Kaizen Trainer. She is proud of her ability to achieve alignment among multiple stakeholders, as well as her extensive experience with leveraging policy deployment to enable achieving business goals and results.

Ms. Walock attributes her many years of success to her perseverance and determination, and considers her greatest accomplishment to be her work with Bobcat Company, where she built a team that worked to exceed production. Moving forward, she plans to take the next step in her career and run her own factory, and eventually, multiple factories.

To stay connected to her community and industry, Ms. Walock maintains affiliation with Toastmasters, The International Women’s Leadership Association, and the Institute of Industrial Engineers.

Contact Deb Walock:

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