Debbie Rich

Title: Senior Manager of Finance
Company: The Home Depot
Location: Powder Springs, GA United States

Debbie Rich has always enjoyed working in retail, so starting a career with The Home Depot made sense. Since starting with the company 26 years ago, she has experienced many stages of growth, and is now the senior manager of finance. She prepared for her endeavors by earning a bachelor’s degree in accounting and an MBA.

Ms. Rich’s greatest strengths include her leadership skills, knowledge in finance and her ability to share her knowledge. She is very proud of the work she did to help with automation efforts in the payables department and to create a better finance program. Although she loves what she does, she wishes that there was more diversity with her industry. Moving forward, she is excited to write a book on business and starting a nonprofit.

Every day, Ms. Rich is inspired by her mother and her faith, and she wants to be remembered as someone who was always there to help others. She is a member of Apex Analytics, as well as a member and on the advisory board of Pay Stream Advisors. When she is not working, she enjoys music and making wine.

Contact Debbie Rich:

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