Wendy M. Stamp

stamp-wendyTitle: 1) General Manager of Projects, NSW Bus & Light Rail 2) Change and Transformational Leadership Coach
Company: 1) Transdev Australasia 2) Unique Direction Coaching
Location: Sydney, NSW Australia

With nearly 20 years of overall experience, Wendy Stamp attributes her success to her passion, her knowledge of where her gifts and talents lie, and always striving to be better and stronger. She is currently the general manager of projects for NSW Bus & Light Rail through the public transport company, Transdev Australasia, and a change and transformational leadership coach for Unique Direction Coaching. She also is a member of the Change Management Institute.

Ms. Stamp holds a master’s degree in project management, and is a Master Project Manager that holds an ITIL master’s certificate, a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, and a Certificate III in Frontline Management. She began her career in an Australian tax office, moved through the public sector, and eventually became a change leader in the private sector and commercial industries. At her core, she knows she is meant to be a coach, and she enjoys helping others reach their full potential and overcome obstacles.

Looking to the future, Ms. Stamp wants to focus on the human element of change and development in corporate agencies by implementing technical changes, and ensuring people are prepared to implement sustainable changes.

Contact Wendy Stamp:

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