Patricia Rosales

rosales-patriciaTitle: Director II of Human Resources
Company:Clark County School District
Location: Las Vegas, NV United States

With two decades of experience in educational leadership, Patricia Rosales is the perfect in her role as Director II of Human Resources for the Clark County School District, a position she has now held for two years. She is an expert in human capital management needs for human resources, curriculum design, and staff supervision. As Director II of the fifth largest school district in the United States, she is responsible for overseeing professional development and school improvements, assisting the district’s administrative design team, creating extension activities and curriculum clubs, and managing all operations associated with the district.

Ms. Rosales became involved in her profession because she wanted to improve student achievement. She holds a Bachelor of Science in elementary education with a concentration in mathematics and science, a master’s degree in instructional and curricular studies with a concentration in literacy and technology and an educational specialist degree in educational leadership. The highlight of Ms. Rosales’ career was when she formally announced her school’s success and yearly progress in English, language arts and mathematics, after the school had been struggling to make academic gains since its inception. Ms. Rosales attributes her success to the guidance she has received from a number of skilled professionals in the field. She also credits having a clear vision and mission of professional goals, in addition to her own tenacity.

Ms. Rosales is a member of a number of associations in correlation with her career, including The Nevada Association of School Administrators, the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the Clerk County Association of School Administrators.

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