Ellary Ann Blair

blair-ellaryTitle: Owner
Company: Ellie Pots Inc.
Location: Lawrence, KS United States

For the past 14 years, Ellary Blair has been the owner of the pottery studio, Ellie Pots Inc., which provides a variety of artistic vases, bowls, tiles plates a bottles, using crystalline and raku pottery. She previously spent 3 decades working in nurseries, and while she enjoyed the job, she eventually decided to follow her heart and pursue her true passion for pottery. Ms. Blair thus obtained a degree in ceramics from Kansas University, and has thrived as she navigated running her own business. She believes her unique crystalline and raku pottery is what separates her from her peers; she likes to have multiple glazes on her pottery, so when she opens her kiln, she sees a variety of color and knows what to reproduce and what not to. Ms. Blair always endeavors to cater to each customer’s wants and needs with precision and creativity, and as a result, her artistry is sought after throughout the world.

Some of the highlights of Ms. Blair’s career have been the invitations she’s received to attend and conduct a variety of pottery workshops around the world, including in Brazil, Spain and Australia. She attributes her success to her hard work and motivation, and she hopes she will soon experience increased recognition for her work. To stay on top of her field, she maintains membership with the National Education of the Ceramic Art (NECEA), The American Ceramic Society and The Potters Council.

Contact Ellary Blair:

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