Afia Owusu

e8530af08e2e47af88a209497ee2e495Title: Senior Mortgage Banker Coordinator
Company: Branding yourself Is the way of Life
Location: Columbia, MD United States

About 16 years ago, Afia Owusu became interested in the banking arena when, as a senior at Florida State University, she attempted to buy four houses. The experience was not good at all; the loan officer that was in charge of her loan was very inattentive, so she vowed that she would be the opposite. Now, having earned the Top Producer in Mortgage Sales Achievement Award and been the recipient of multiple Top Producer of the Month honors with several companies, she is living out her dream.

Currently a Senior Mortgage Banker, Ms. Owusu’s responsibilities include providing the mortgage services company with expert reasonable negotiation skills and offering 100 percent financing for purchasing, down payment assistance, FHA, VA and USDA refinances, and specials for veterans. She does this by working with UW, Processors and Real Estate Professionals, and helping customers obtain the best rate possible based on individual circumstances and financial situations. Further, Ms. Owusu specializes in multi-family HUD properties with 250-500 apartments TIC, and  is COS certified. The highlight of her career thus far was when she was able to close a loan that had been denied by three other banks. Her clients were living out of a moving truck. They were able to buy their dream home with her help, which was a dream-come-true for her as well. Ms. Owusu is also proud to be working with financial adviser who was recognized by Forbes magazine in 2016, as well as with several NFL players and their nonprofit organizations, which help people reach the dream of home ownership.

As a woman in today’s world, Ms. Owusu attributes her success to being aggressive in a profession overrun by men, while using her female touch and maintaining a certain amount of softness. Her advice to young women entering the profession is to stay close to people who can take you to the next level, don’t be the smartest one in your network, stay positive, watch high producers, and try to get flexible hours if you have children. Ms. Owusu also believes her membership with the National Association for Mortgage Brokers  and the influence of her parents have made a profound difference in her career, as well.

In five years, Ms. Owusu intends to run her own branch with at least 20 to 25 loan officers, which close an average of $15-$20 million in loans a month. When she isn’t working, she serves as the president of her late sister’s nonprofit, the Nana Owusu Asthma Foundation.

Testimonial from Yaw Owusus Jr:

“One of the most skillfully talent agents on the country Afia makes the process of ownership easy, fun and encouraging you that sky is the limit with her expertise on your side.”

Testimonial from Felicia:

“Afia literally held my hand through the home-buying process. My realtor was HORRIBLE but she came in and did her job and his. We’re not done yet but I [am] hoping for a positive outcome.”

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Afia help me buy my dream home home in less than 30 days. She is wonderful and professional.

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