Marina Noar

noar-marinaTitle: Director, Senior Yoga Teacher
Company: Noosa Yoga School
Location: Tewantin, QLD Australia

Noosa Yoga School started in 2005, when Marina Noar began teaching yoga certification courses at the Noosa Leisure Centre. Since, then, she has become the director and senior yoga teacher, where she coordinates a team of other yoga instructors and health therapists to provide yoga classes and therapy. She is available for yoga therapy and counseling, as well as daily yoga classes for beginners, advanced yoga students and yoga teacher trainees.

Ms. Noar became involved with yoga because of a shoulder injury. Through her recovery process, she realized that yoga did more than just heal her physical pain, and her teacher training became a way to improve her yoga practice. She attributes her success to a combination of professional training and experiences with yoga, artists and yogis. She has every intention of continuing to teach and practice yoga, martial arts and visual arts in the upcoming years.

With more than 20 years of experience in health and wellness, Ms. Noar decided to share her knowledge through other ventures as well, and published “A to Z Principles of Yoga Practice.” She is a member of the Nicky Knoff Yoga Association, the International Yoga Teachers Association, and the Yoga Alliance.

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