Fiona Gaye Davies-McConchie

Title: Semi-Retired Consultant
Company: Virotec
Location: Mandurah, Western Australia, Australia

For the past 10 years, Fiona Gaye Davies-McConchie has acted as a semi-retired consultant in environmental remediation in Western Australia. Through her company and her own research, she has been involved in the development of innovative technologies to address some of the world’s most intractable environmental problems. Her particular interests include mining wastes, potable water, urban development in acid sulfate soil areas and third-world country issues. Her current focus is on drinkable water with consideration to arsenic and other contaminants, and sustainable urban development. She has been working on a portable water device that will treat contaminated ground or surface waters.

Ms. Davies-McConchie is the widow of Professor David Murray McConchie. Before his death, they co-founded Virotec, the world leader in meeting the demand for effective, sustainable solutions to deal with serious environmental and waste problems. The company’s technologies benefit many different industries, including mining and metals processing, the oil and gas sector, metals finishing and other manufacturing industries, municipal sewage treatment, property development and marine dredging, and timber preservation. Virotec’s products and services have gained regulatory approval in the U.S., Korea, the U.K., Italy, Portugal, Laos, the Philippines, New Zealand and Australia.

Contact Fiona Gaye Davies-McConchie:

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