Patricia Martin

martin-patriciaTitle: Owner, Operator
Company: Rolla Pub
Location: Rolla, BC Canada

Following in her family’s footsteps, Patricia Martin is currently the owner and operator of Rolla Pub, a pub that resides in a 90-year-old building and serves all types of beer and alcohol. Her family has owned and operated the pub for nearly 50 years, and she became partner and has worked there since 1985. With such extensive food and beverage service management, Ms. Martin has become an expert at understanding people and their needs. As the sole proprietor, she is responsible for cleaning the pub, handling all finances, banking and ordering and marketing via social media.

Rolla is a small, historic farming community in northeastern British Columbia, Canada. Realizing that Canadian history is not as celebrated as it should be, Ms. Martin bought antiques and borrowed local photos to create a space that reflects Canadian culture. This includes local art, fossils, antiques, memorabilia and local history books, all in a warm, friendly and welcoming environment. In the coming years, Ms. Martin would like to fully restore the building.

The town is famed for the cozy, community-oriented Rolla Pub. In 2016, it won Best Pub Outside of Vancouver from BC Magazine, in addition to winning second place in the 100th Anniversary of Architecture in Northern BC. Ms. Martin has made the pub a Canadian hot-spot by “serving up drinks, good times and warm hospitality to locals and travelers alike.” However, doesn’t take credit for the success of her pub. Instead, she attributes her accomplishments to all the generations of people all over the world who have come to her pub.

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