Constance Nash

nash-constanceTitle: Founding Partner, Director
Company: SemiComm Inc HK Limited
Location: Causeway Bay, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Backed by more than three decades of experience in the international communications industry, film industry, and as a pioneer on the Internet, Constance Nash currently serves as the founding partner and director of SemiComm Inc HK Limited, which provides intellectual property, software and applications to its clients. In her position, she is responsible for serving as a managing partner and inventor and prosecuting her patents around the world. She has also created an allied firm by invitation from the British government to grow her assets under their protective umbrella, in order to provide jobs and revenue to the UK with their new inward investment project.

Ms. Nash’s optimized data transmission system and methods inventions in partitioning and slice, plus software and coding, are the foundation to the Mobile Wave, which started in 2001, when she developed the first ever 24/7 online concerts initiative. It continued with non-obsolete data transmission technology for reducing all data to transmit via the narrow bandwidth of the Internet. Her company is the foundation of the technology pyramid, and it is continuing to grow.

As a woman in today’s world, Ms. Nash attributes her success to being a born entrepreneur with the ability to overcome obstacles and create products and solutions. She has integrity, and knows how to deliver, in addition to being dedicated to achieving her goals. She also notes that her experienced team members and team of international patent law lawyers have helped bring her success.

Ms. Nash’s tremendous accomplishments in software, intellectual property and applications have not gone unrecognized. She was named Entrepreneur of the Year in the Field of Intellectual Property and Software Industry by Worldwide Who’s Who in 2013, and was a candidate in TIME Magazine’s Innovator in Technology series in 2004. Additionally, her colleagues refer to her company as “The Billionaire’s Club” due to the fact that Ms. Nash’s 2001 solution to transmitting data solution through the Internet was worth $50 billion before she even created the accompanying software and intellectual property.  When she’s not working, Ms. Nash enjoys a variety of activities, including traveling, hosting dinner parties, and spending time with her family.

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