Mickie L. Cioccia

Title: President
Company: Mickie C and Company Realty
Location: Katy, TX United States

Initially, Mickie Cioccia became involved in real estate when she had a house that just wouldn’t sell. After looking into it, she realized the realtor was doing nothing and that she could do a better job, so she learned to negotiate contracts and how to handle marketing. She received a bachelor’s degree from Southwest Texas State University and also took classes and completed the necessary training to earn a real estate license and 14 designations. She then opened her own real estate company, Mickie C and Company Realty, which provides residential and boutique real estate services in Katy and Houston, Texas.

Ms. Cioccia has built her company on honesty, integrity and trust for more than two decades, which is one of the reasons it has been named the “Best in Katy” for the past two years. She surrounds herself with people who will always give their all, and that has shaped her into the woman she is today. An excellent leader, she is very skilled in coming up with new ideas for the company and bringing in buyers and sellers.

Moving forward, Ms. Cioccia would like to change locations. The company is currently in an office building, and she would like to be more visible. Further, the company’s market is very big, so she would love to have multiple offices. Ms. Cioccia wants to be remembered as a great person who always took care of her clients. She wants them to know that they can depend on her to keep them informed every step of the way.

Outside of her career as a realtor, she is very proud of her two children. She stays busy reading and taking care of her parents.

Contact Mickie Cioccia:

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