Janice Riley

Title: Technical Innovation Center Manager
Company: Hagerstown Community College
Location: Haggerstown, MD United States

Passionate and dedicated, Janice Riley loves developing relationships with like-minded individuals. In her current position as the technical innovation center manager for Hagerstown Community College (HCC), she is responsible for collaborating closely with the school to lead the technical incubator, developing entrepreneurship programs with Con Ed and other businesses, and providing advice and support for students, faculty and staff. She is also responsible for marketing the business services of the HCC, and is a principal catalyst for Janley Consulting.

Ms. Riley attributes her success to her tenacity, perseverance, and her ability to be a connector and liaison between people and innovative ideas. She wants to be remembered as a woman whose life changed the world. Ms. Riley served as the stateside liaison for Every Day Hope, which builds sustainable communities, raises the standard of living, and brings hope to people of developing nations. She was also the vice president of the Washington County Commission for Women, and the treasurer and board member for the Maryland Business Incubation Association.

When she is not working, Ms. Riley loves running, reading and being outdoors—she even ran a triathlon, and plans to run a half-marathon. She also takes international mission trips to India and the Dominican Republic.

Contact Janice Riley:

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