Antoinette Colbran

colbran-antoinetteTitle: Executive Director
Company: Benchmark the Practice
Location: St. Leonards, NSW Australia

Antoinette Colbran is the owner and executive director of the medical witness consultancy, Benchmark the Practice, which provides expert medical witness services for legal cases. In this position, she is responsible for supplying medical experts to law firms in Australia and New Zealand, interacting with coordinating lawyers regarding legal cases, working with private medical doctors, and acting as an agent between lawyers and doctors. She also coordinates and manages reports from both doctors and lawyers.

Ms. Colbran became involved in her profession because she previously worked for the health minister at a federal level and her husband ran a surgeon association, where he coordinated all the association’s activities, including disputes and conferences. Lawyers kept asking for a liaison for medical cases, so Ms. Colbran started Benchmark the Practice.

In addition to running her own consultancy, Ms. Colbran also speaks to women on financial responsibility. She is the author of a soon-to-be published book, “Great Handbag — Don’t Forget Your Briefcase,” and has produced a pamphlet for speaking events. Additionally, Ms. Colbran is a speaker at the Confident Women’s Series. She attributes her success to her determination and hard work. She is tenacious and doesn’t give up or give in.

Looking to the future, Ms. Colbran intends to continue expanding her company, and also hopes to become a well-known speaker in the topic of women and finance. She is a member of She Business and the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and is a board member of the McDonald College of Performing Arts. When she is not working, she enjoys tennis, walking, cooking, music and theater.

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