Sandra Virgil Foulks

foulks-sandraTitle: Founder
Company: Advocates for Citizens Assistance Inc.
Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL United States

Advocates for Citizens Assistance Inc. is a community organization and nonprofit that helps families cope with murder and violence through a number of services, including grief counseling, fundraising and assisting with funeral planning. Sandra Foulk founded the organization in 2011 after her son was murdered. Never wanting another parent to endure what she has, she started Advocates for Citizens Assistance in order to help advocate for her son and better gun laws.

With her expert skills in helping others, Ms. Foulks is responsible for overseeing all aspects of her organization, including public speaking, community outreach, volunteer management, event planning and program development. Her commitment to helping others in her community, especially the youths, has earned her many awards from her church, as well as the respect of her community. Looking to the future, she hopes to eventually turn over the organization to the young people in the community, as well as open offices in other areas. Ms. Foulks does all she can to educate the younger generations and leave behind a legacy for them to follow. She is a firm believer that it doesn’t matter how much money you have or where you live as long as you make a difference.

Contact Sandra Foulks:

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