Rilandra Batise

batise-rilandraTitle: Owner
Company: Veterans Helping Veterans of America
Location: Mount Washington, KY United States

After 20 years of distinguished military service, Rilandra Batise retired from the U.S. Air Force as a captain. Her passion for helping others was still strong, however, so she decided to start Veterans Helping Veterans of America. There, Dr. Batise is able to utilize her leadership experience to build relationships and thrive in a professional environment. She hopes to broaden her reach so that more people can be aware of and educated about their options after leaving the service.

In addition to current endeavors, Dr. Batise is also a chaplain at the VAMC in Louisville, Kentucky, which gives her the chance to teach, preach and learn, and is involved with Devine Florists. She feels her career allows her to be her true self, and prepared for it by earning a Ph.D. in Christian counseling and a master’s degree in religion.


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